Your gifts to the FBHS Foundation have provided so many opportunities for creative educational projects. Foundation grants have paid for science lab equipment, art supplies, technology, calculators, and literally thousands of books. We also fund professional development for faculty to attend conferences and trainings, with an emphasis on sharing what they learned with their colleagues when they return.

Here are just a few highlights from the numerous projects the FBHS Foundation funded in 2019-2020:


Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ideas! The Foundation has provided funding to Math Department Chair and teacher Valerie Snyder for several years to paint each of her students’ desks with whiteboard paint, so the students can do math computations with markers right at their desk tops. Ms. Snyder says transforming the desks has been a huge hit with the students and makes it easy for her to see at a glance if students are struggling with a concept.

In 2018, FBHS received an amazing gift: a Diamond “Katana” two-seat training airplane. FBHS and instructor Keoki Gray have integrated this incredible asset into the school’s already robust Aerospace program. Last year, the Foundation funded introductory flights for all fourteen students enrolled in the program and sponsored one student for fifteen hours of flight time, taking them from their second flight through to their first ever solo flight!

Theater Arts Director Matthew Eldridge-Bratsch has been instrumental in successfully building a new Drama program at FBHS, now in its third year. The Foundation recently purchased books to create a Theater Resource Center with plays, monologue books, and actors’ guides to help students enhance their technique. Grants also funded a wireless body microphone system, lighting technology, and set-building tools, supplies and safety equipment.

Each year, the Foundation purchases hundreds of books across many different departments. In 2019-2020, grants paid for books for English learners, novels with SAT vocabulary to help prepare for college entrance exams, books that make learning Shakespeare easier, and new “Florida Teens” fiction and nonfiction books for the school’s library.