FBHS’s dedicated teachers submit grant requests to the Foundation each year for a variety of materials the school could not otherwise afford, including art supplies, books, calculators, technology, science lab kits, and so much more. Here are just a few highlights from the numerous projects we have funded:

Launching Careers in Aerospace
In 2018, FBHS received an amazing gift: a Diamond “Katana” two-seat training airplane. FBHS and instructor Keoki Gray have integrated this incredible asset into the school’s already robust Aerospace program. The Foundation has funded introductory flights for students enrolled in the program and sponsored one student for fifteen hours of flight time, taking them from their second flight through to their first ever solo flight! The Foundation has also supported the program by purchasing altimeters so that the students can track the paths of the rockets they build.

Supporting At-Risk Students
FBHS is committed to increasing the learning gains of students who are below grade-level in Math and English. The Foundation provides funding each year of approximately $5,000 to hold interventions such as “Super Saturdays,” sessions led by teachers to provide targeted instruction to students most at-risk of failing these critical courses or not graduating because they did not pass state-mandated tests.

Engaging Students with Civics
The Foundation purchased four sets of a game called “Election Night” for the History Department to help students understand how elections and the Electoral College work, how campaign strategies are developed, and the importance of political thinking. In addition to helping to educate future voters, these activities will also help prepare students for Advanced Placement exams in US History and Government.