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The benefits of a strong school system include maintaining and increasing property values, providing a qualified workforce, lowering crime rates, creating a strong sense of community, supporting more stable families and enhancing public services with less demand for social programs.

Supporting your local school means bettering your community! See what the FBHS Foundation achieves below.

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2017 Grant Summary

Over $20,000 to Academic and Career Access Resources


Over $1400 for various science lab equipment

Over $2000 for Social Studies books

Over $7500 for English and Library books

Career Classes, $2200

Math Resources and supplies, over $1600

Art Supplies, over $3000

And many more grants funding resources for students that the county is otherwise unable to fund.  Please support us to FUEL THE PIRATE ADVANTAGE!!

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Mini Grants


Here are some of the mini grants and projects the Foundation has funded for FBHS

Almost $4000 to update the FBHS Library. Including author visits, headphones and microphones. 

CPR certification for every HOPE student, over $1000

AVID program- continued support including trips to visit colleges

Thousands of dollars for teacher supplies including an interactive TV computer

$1500 for various supplements for the arts

And Many more!