FBHS Eagle Scouts

Thanks to our recent Eagle Scouts


  Parker Harris, William Waas, Tyler Sabattini,Tucker Harris, Hamilton Rainey,Nathan Sabattini, Nicholas Foster, Liam Kiernan, Michael MacNair, Winston Selph and Will Wesberry  

Lots of projects!

Michael MacNair




Michael wanted his project to stand the test of time. He went to Fort Clinch State Park to see what they might need and he found the perfect project. There were ten rotting benches in the Amphitheater that needed replacing. Michael raised the funds, secured a mentor (Joe Gallerizzo) planned the project and ordered the materials that it would require. He and numerous volunteers removed the rotting benches and built and installed ten new benches made from Trex boards, which will be durable through all kinds of weather and last a long time. 


Nathan and Tyler Sabattini

 Tyler's project was to plant Mulhy grass for the beach parking lot at Fort Clinch to not only beautify the barren landscape island, but also as habitat for small insects.  The funding for this project came from proceeds of two car washes and donations.  Through help from fellow scouts, friends, and family the project was completed in April 2017.  Tyler completed the detailed project report and submitted it to the North Florida Council Office of the Boy Scouts of America.  After their review of the necessary paperwork Tyler was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.

Nathan decided to follow in Tyler's footsteps and continue to beautify another landscape island in the Fort Clinch beach parking area.  For fundraising purposes Nate held a yard sale and accepted donations for the project.  His project was completed March 2018.

Nicholas Foster


 Nicholas Foster set out to do something different and thought out of the box for his Eagle project. After growing up in Fernandina and attending all the local schools he saw the schools expansion first hand. Trees were removed and replaced with libraries and classrooms. The playgrounds which had trees for shade disappeared. Nick saw the need for covered benches for teachers and students at Emma Love Hardee to escape from the sun. After having 2 fundraisers to buy the supplies he designed and made a shelter that can be enjoyed for ages by teachers and students 

Liam Kiernan




After visting Nassau Animal Control, Liam decided to build PVC dog beds for his Eagle project.  With the help of several other scouts and teenagers, as well as generous donors, he was able to build 20 of the beds, which means that 20 dogs will not have to sleep on the cold ground.  The beds were all made by assembling a frame of PVC pipe, and attaching a covering of nylon fabric.  Along with the beds, Liam was able to donate nearly $200 that were left over from donations and a fundraising garage sale.




For his eagle service project, Winston chose landscape improvement for Fort Clinch State Park. He planned, financed and executed one phase of a multi-part project that involved planting muhly grass in the beach parking lot.  He held a garage sale to raise funds, purchased muhly grass plants through a commercial nursery, and led a team of volunteers to plant the grass.  The impact of his project is that the muhly grass prevents erosion by helping to keep cars in designated areas.  The plants will also form a canopy that provides a habitat for small animals

Hamilton Rainey


Hamilton made 10 environmental information

plaques for visitors to the Egan’s Creek Greenway Park on Wolff Drive for

his Eagle Project. Ham has chosen Aerospace Engineering for his college

major, and has been accepted at top-rated Embry-Riddle Aeronautical

University in Daytona for the fall of 2019. Hamilton was awarded a

National NROTC scholarship from the Marine Corps.