Holwell twins


If I had to choose some of my favorite faculty members at the school, they would be our guidance counselor, Mr. Rob Hicks, and math teacher, Mr. Lane. Mr. Hicks is the adult advisor for student government and does an amazing job of listening to all of our concerns and making sure that our voices are heard. He always treats us as equals and has become a true friend of mine after knowing him so many years through both the club and outside events, like church.

I’ve know Mr. Lane since middle school when I would spend time in his classroom as a student aid, helping him grade papers but mostly laughing at his crazy stories. Our entire grade was thrilled when we heard that he would be switching over to the high school the same year that we were becoming freshman because it meant that, no matter how confusing and scary the transition might be, we’d still have our favorite teacher to joke around and spend time with. He’s constantly putting the students first and makes a sincere effort to connect with each and every one of them. People are truly drawn to his kind hearted and humorous attitude; on almost any given morning, you can find a group of at least 30 students congregated in his classroom before the first bell rings, comparing plans for the week and different school assignments. It always brings a smile to my face when I get to pass Mr. Lanes room, everyday between 2nd and 3rd period, and give him a high five in the hallway. Even though I may not have Mr. Lane as a teacher this year, I know i’ll always have him as a friend.

The main aspect of FBHS that sets it apart from other schools, in my opinion, is it’s open-mindedness. The faculty as a whole is extremely eager to listen to student input, as they’re always looking for ways to better our learning experience. This can be seen by the variety of clubs and sports that the school has to offer, catering to all wants and needs of our student body.

I’ll always remember homecoming week at FBHS! In the months leading up to it, all of the classes get so connected planning skits for Escapades and Lip sync dances to earn points towards winning the spirit trophy. Our class has won the spirit trophy the past two years in a row and we’re hoping to earn it again next year. For the school dress-up days, I’ve worn crazy costumes that range from a toddler, to Clark Kent, and even Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”. The school as a whole becomes extremely involved in all of the activities held and try their hardest to compete for the most points. The entire week is a blast and helps bring all of our grades together in order to reach this common goal in anticipation for the football game on friday.

In the future, I hope to attend college and study either engineering or architecture. As I look towards this new chapter of my life with both excitement and anxiety, I know FBHS has been an

amazing stepping stone to prepare me for new adventures. It has provided me with both a strong education and a faithful community, these of which I will carry proudly with me, taking whatever may come head on; always a pirate.


At FBHS we are lucky enough to say that all of the teachers and other faculty are amazing and welcoming to all the students. During my three years I have been lucky enough to have gotten to know Mrs Christie Frahm and Mrs Pikula. Mrs Christie Frahm has been a huge part of my time in high school and I’m beyond thankful for all that she does for our students. I can honestly say that she is the backbone of our student participation. She encourages all of us students to be the happiest we can be and motivates us to go out and make a change, whatever that may be. Mrs Pikula is the face of the school, she is the first person you see when you walk into fbhs and she always has a smile on her face. She knows each student by name and cares for all of us. My junior year I have been in the front office more than my three years combined just to go in and grab some frosted animal crackers that she always has under her desk and a quick chat at the end of lunch.

Student participation is something that I have been very passionate about the past three years and I can happily say that the school spirit and activities at FBHS have been the reason for some of my favorite memories that I will never forget. My junior year I was able to kickstart “blue crew” with the help of Mrs Christie and many others. Blue crew has been a way to get everyone involved in student participation, whether it’s a huge student section with a great theme, sending off our band as they head to Orlando or making signs and standing in front of the bridge for our girls basketball team as they head to state. I will never forget the fun tailgates before the football games where the student body had the opportunity to get together to eat burgers, paint the boys up and just have a time to hang out with everyone. Blue Crew has created fun high school memories for everyone to enjoy, and a way for everyone to be involved and grow closer as a school.

FBHS sets itself apart from other schools by how close everyone is. We are a small school and It is so amazing to see the relationships that everyone has been able to form and how tight knit the grades are. It is shown greatly throughout the year but one great example is homecoming week. Grades come together and practice and work very hard for weeks to make sure they are ready for the activities that are planned for the week. Although there are many competitions throughout the week like dress up days, lip sync and escapades, at the very end of each, everyone makes sure to congratulate and acknowledge everyone who participated, win or lose.

The question of what makes me smile while walking the halls of FBHS has definitely taken the most time to think about, there’s honestly just so many I can name. One that sticks out to me the most though would have to be the care that the faculty has for our students and the lengths they go through to show this. The smiles and occasional high fives that the teachers give to each student as we walk the halls to our next class, or Mr Tony who always makes sure to ask

you how your day is and how things are going during lunch, there’s the different clubs that the school has to offer to make sure everyone has something to enjoy or even the corn hole and other games that the school puts out during the Anchor hour to make sure the students are having fun. Our school makes sure to create a fun and enjoyable environment for all the students and It surely doesn’t go unnoticed.

In the future I plan on going to college, not sure where my path will lead me however I do know that FBHS has prepared me for the future. Although not sure of what I will be doing I definitely have aspirations of doing something that makes a difference for my community.

I will always remember the fun and friendly rivalry we have against Yulee. Winning the Rich Out when we play their boys basketball team at home will be something I’ll never forget, especially since it has been something I have been able to experience the 3 years I’ve been in high school.

High school has been a time of many highs and lows but I’ll always look back at how great of a high school I went to and will be forever thankful. Go Pirates!

Rilee Robbins


Selected as a Marshal for 2018 graduation


Rilee is in the top 5 of her class!

In my view, I would consider my participation in Youth Leadership Nassau, my involvement with National Honor Society, and my ability to maintain a 4.0 unweighted GPA my 3 highest achievements. Of those three, I am most proud of my participation in Youth Leadership Nassau. The program allowed me to connect with business leaders from the county, to learn skills that allowed me to become a stronger leader, and to give back to the community by completing a recycling project with my peers.

FBHS is set apart from other schools by its strong sense of community. The small class sizes and connections between the students and faculty create a feeling of belonging that can't be possessed by a larger school.

My favorite teacher at FBHS is Dr.Glackin because he would do anything for his students. He does everything in his power to make his students as great as they can be. The environment he creates in his classroom fosters an eagerness to learn. Dr.Glackin is teaching because he loves it, making his students love to learn in response. 

I knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue a profession that was connected to the world of medicine. Until I reached high school, I was set on becoming a neonatal intensive care unit physician. In high school I realized that I also had a passion for mathematics. At the moment, I am planning on studying biomedical engineering at a university after high school because it connects the two subjects I enjoy the most. I would also love to travel if the opportunity arises because I enjoy seeing the world. My parents have given me the opportunity to see many countries around the world and I would love to continue that adventure in the future. 

I smile at everything during the school day. I am a very giggly person so anything remotely funny makes me smile. Sometimes, I am the only one in a class of around thirty students who finds something humorous and I have a difficult time holding back my smile. 

I will always remember playing soccer games or running track meets in all kinds of weather, all hours of the day, and all kinds of places with my teammates by my side and my parents watching from the stands.

Sarah Beth Lindbom

 Sarah Beth is a hardworking student who loves her school and her community.  Sarah Beth is very actiive in her youth group at First Baptist Church where she sings and plays piano and bass in the church band.
"I have always maintained a high academic standard and have continued it in high school. As a freshman I joined the running club Marathon High and have completed three half-marathons since joining. When I was in kindergarten, I started taking piano lessons. I compete each year in a National Guild for pianists, committing to memory ten pieces for presentation.  What sets FBHS apart from other schools is that being such a small school, everyone knows each other. Many people at the high school have gone to school with me since kindergarten. Though it is a difficult task to name a single teacher from the many I have had, my favorite teachers have been Ms. Timmins, Mr. Weiser, and Mrs. Vonnoh. Each has contributed to my high school experience.  After high school I intend to go to college to pursue a degree, specializing in anesthesiology.Although this may sound cliché, my friends make me smile throughout the day. I will always remember rmy first day of school as a freshman, and I will remember my last day of school as a senior." 

About Us


Will Rushing

Will Rushing is a sophomore at FBHS . He plays basketball for the JV Pirates and is a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team. He also volunteers as one of the coaches for the girls flag football team. One of his greatest achievements is being able to balance these activities while maintaining a 4.7 GPA and working part time at Tasty’s. He is also involved with the youth group at St. Peter’s and was selected as a team member for Happening in January 2018. This was a fun and meaningful experience for Will as well as many youth from our area. In the Spring and Summer he even finds time for his favorite pastime, fishing.
     Mrs. French is one of Will’s favorite teachers. She has taught him Gifted Studies for the last two years. “Mrs French is the best because she is laid back and makes learning fun. She truly cares about her students and this shows through her encouragement and motivation.”


 Will thinks FBHS is unique because of the involvement of the community. “We are lucky because so many parents, teachers and faculty members volunteer and dedicate their time to make our school a better place.”
     Will plans to attend a four year university after graduation but his major is still undecided.
    “ I will always remember the school spirit at FBHS. We have fun during homecoming week dressing up and competing with the other classes and the Blue Crew has a blast supporting the students throughout the year. I will also never forget all of the great teachers I’ve had and the friends I’ve made. I’m looking forward to the next two years, but right now I’m ready for Summer!”

Brody Mandelbaum

FBHS Impact on Brody


My three favorite teachers are Mr.Monaghan, Ms. French, and Mr. Rathman. Mr Monaghan is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He makes literature really interesting by teaching us to look beyond the basic storyline and showing us how to find and understand the many layers and subtle intentions of the author. By really breaking it down and opening things up to discussion I’ve gotten so much more out of the books we’ve read. Mr Monaghan is so animated you can’t help but get drawn into whatever work he is reading. From freshman year’s reading of “Captain my Captain” I knew I was hooked. He can even make the Old Man and the Sea interesting with his different voices and intonations for the characters. Additionally, Mr. Monaghan has been a great class sponsor for the class of 2019 supporting our class not just with advice but with involvement even riding his motorcycle in the homecoming parade behind our class float. I feel like over the past few years, I’ve really learned and improved so much as an English student from taking his classes. More than anything though, I have a deep admiration and respect for Mr. Monaghan. I’ve really enjoyed working with him as both a student and in my role as Class President. I feel like we have developed a strong rapport and I hope to we can stay close long after high school.

Ms. French has been a really awesome teacher for me. Having her class every year has really made her class feel like home. She’s always challenged me to be better at things I find difficult such as art. She’s also really a great teacher to talk to about issues because she has really great advice. She’s really been a strong and supportive advocate for me in helping shape my high school academics. For that I am truly grateful.

Another favorite teacher of mine is Mr. Rathmann. I’ve had the privilege of having him for 3 classes already and all of them have really brought history to life. He presents history in such an engaging way. I always enjoy discussing and debating ideas with him despite our differing views. Mr, Rathmann is also the advisor for the High Q Team which I’ve been involved with since freshman year. I’ve really enjoyed working with him in that context as well. Most of all, Mr. Rathman has an endless patience for my questions - 500 already this year. ( Liam keeps count).


" I will always remember winning homecoming junior year and bringing the trophy to the junior class."

I’d say my three greatest achievements are having the honor and opportunity to serve as class president, founding key club, and achieving both leadership and academic recognition for my involvement in Future Business Leaders of America. As class president, I’ve had the pleasure of leading the class of 2019 in its endeavors and working with faculty, the administration and an amazing class board. It’s been a humbling experience that has really helped me develop as a leader. Very close to my heart are my accomplishments with Key Club. During my freshman year I did a lot of community service hours but found it unfulfilling. Believing that our community provides a high quality of life because of its many cultural opportunities and beautiful surroundings I felt that engaging directly and supporting those efforts and places would be much more interesting, enjoyable and fulfilling. I founded Key Club with this in mind and serve as it’s President. One of our projects this year was creating a coalition with the Katie Caples foundation to create Big Heart Pirates, an organization run by Key Club dedicated to organ donation. We’re also in the process of creating a Key Club Kiwanis Park downtown as a coalition with Fernandina Beach Mainstreet organization and the City of Fernandina Beach. In late spring we hope to have plays underway for our mini Dance Marathon to benefit sick children at Wolfsons. Finally my accomplishments with with Future Business Leaders of America are something of which I’m very proud.I serve as chapter Vice President, District IV Treasurer, representing most of the Jacksonville Metropolitan area, and as the Business Communications Manager for the Southern Region of FBLA representing states from TX to VA. As chapter Vice President, I’ve worked to grow the club and create resources and opportunities for the chapter’s members. As District IV Treasurer I’ve worked to develop the curriculum for a financial literacy class I’ll be teaching to students at the schools within District IV. The course will be tested out later this year. As the Business Communications Manager for FBLA, I work with all levels of companies from regional to multinational companies to obtain sponsorships for international FBLA’s more 260,000 members. Last year ranking 4th in the state for Securities and Investments and 1st in Entrepreneurship I qualified for and attended the National Leadership Conference. This year I’ve ranked 1st in District IV for Banking and Financial systems and will go on to compete at States in March where I plan to run for FBLA Florida State Vice President representing Region II.

Brody's Plans for the Future

I plan to attend college double majoring in finance and plant science. I am really passionate about finance but also really feel strongly about environmental responsibility and enjoy gardening, especially with respect to food bearing plants. My aspirations are to work in investment banking doing mergers and acquisitions at a major financial institution and eventually start my own plant science based business focused toward sustainability.

What sets FBHS apart?

I think the biggest thing that sets FBHS apart is the attitude of the administration and teachers. The administration takes a very laissez faire approach to clubs giving students great freedom and encouragement to create clubs and other opportunities at the school. This really lets students not only find their leadership style, but themselves. The FBHS administration also actively searches and works to bring more resources and opportunities to its students in order to keep them challenged and engaged in learning. 

Claire Cunningham

Claire is an active member of FBHS, seen above at the UF Leadership Seminar


What makes a great community? Great Schools and outstanding students!  Here is how Claire contributes:

I would consider my three highest achievements to include acceptance into National Honors Society, being elected Vice President of my class, and being nominated to attend two leadership seminars: Young Leaders Conference and HOBY. Although I am proud of all three, I believe I have learned the most through both leadership seminars. The seminars have allowed me to surround myself with a diverse, positive group of young leaders who continue to inspire me on a daily basis. I have the privilege of attending HOBY’s world seminar in Chicago over the summer, where fellow ambassadors from across the globe will be meeting and I will have the opportunity to learn international leadership skills. 

FBHS is different from other high schools because of the level of involvement and school spirit present in the students and faculty. Not only are there clubs and sports for everyone to be involved in, but the passion and commitment in each are overwhelming!

Although there are many excellent teachers at FBHS, someone I am extremely thankful for is Mrs. Christie Frahm. She puts the utmost amount of time and effort into improving and encouraging every students’ high school experience to be the best it can be. Moreover, she has helped me personally on numerous occasions by listening to my ideas and helping me turn them into a reality. This past year our student participation and involvement has excelled, all because of her passion and love for our school.

What Makes Her Smile at School 

What makes me smile during the school day is when I am able to be around all the friends I have in Beach Buddies! Beach Buddies is a club that focuses on the inclusion of special diploma and special needs students. Every meeting I talk to someone new and grow a little closer with all my peers! 

I Will Always Remember... 

I will always remember homecoming week at FBHS, where each grade comes together to have the most fun week of the year! Our class of 2019 has won two years in a row, and we plan on winning next year too! 



 After high school graduation I intend to attend college to pursue medicine and health care. I plan on working hard in college to get into medical school, following in my family’s footsteps.

FBHS Students attend Youth Leadership Seminar

Brody , Nathan and Claire




I had the privilege of attending the Young Leaders Conference held at the University of Florida during the weekend of February 2-4. The seminar is entirely run by students of the university. We were placed into small groups of around 8 other high school students, and there were 22 groups total. My three student leaders were all eager and active in helping me grow as much as I could throughout the weekend. They constantly encouraged us to ask as many questions as we could think of, whether about high school, college, or life. Throughout the weekend we participated in both small workshops and in large groups, testing our abilities to reflect on our personal strengths and also our ability to work together. I am grateful for this experience, and hope to bring what I’ve learned to my school. 



-YLC is a leadership conference but its not like most. It was a very introspective weekend. We were placed in groups consisting of three small group leaders, college students not much older than ourselves and eight other high school students from across FL and GA. Over the course of the weekend, we grew really close with the people in our groups. We started with a meet and greet where we met the other students at the conference and our small group leaders. There was a lot of team building and intergroup competitions to encourage camaraderie and bonding. Workshops were also a big part of the weekend. We talked about what certain things meant to us and how leadership works overall. We explored ideas of what it means to lead and what kind of leaders we were. It made us really think about not only our place as leaders but our place in society and as people. It was a very uplifting and meaningful weekend. I loved my group and still keep in touch with them (because group 14 is still the best group.;) ).